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Telemedicine is a capacity-building service that is of particular benefit in geographic areas where pediatric sub-specialty care is unavailable or difficult to access.

financing strategy

Mandated Benefits

Mandated benefits address underinsurance by requiring private health insurers to cover specific benefits, such as such as early intervention, autism services, or medical foods.

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The Oguagha Family

With limited means, Pamela Oguagha has been resourceful enough to create a life full of enriching, therapeutic activities for her daughter Taylor, a "typical teenager who happens to have autism." But she finds the process overwhelming.

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The Paxton Family

Eleven-year old Chance’s cochlear implants don’t get in the way of him doing all the things he loves. He is doing well in a regular classroom and playing with friends in the neighborhood. But the path to this success story was long, costly, and filled with roadblocks.

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The Wardyga Family

The second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) forced me to reflect on some personal and painful experiences that followed the births of my full term twin sons, 26 years ago. I never imagined that landmark legislation like the ACA would pass in my lifetime, after years of advocating for wha [...]


HIV Resistance: The Intersection between Treatment and Prevention

This webcast provides an overview of HIV drug resistance, its role in transmitting resistant HIV virus, and what clients and peers need to know about it. The webcast will also include an overview of the role of HIV biomedical interventions in reducing risk of HIV transmission.

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