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Developing Community Health Worker Diabetes Training

A journal article from Health Education Research (Oxford Journals). Provides a summary of the design, implementation, and evaluation of a 48-hour training program for CHW working in diabetes care teams in community health centers.


CDC Road to Health Toolkit

A comprehensive list of resources (guides, flipcharts, posters, quizzes, trainings, evaluations, music, podcasts) designed for African Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes. Provides materials to start a community outreach program to help people prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.


Community Health Workers: Integral Members of the Health Care Work Force

An article from the American Journal of Public Health. Provides a general overview of the integral role of CHW in the health care work force. Topics include: contributions of CHW in the U.S., characteristics of successful CHW programs, barriers to expanded use of CHW, and recommendations for strengt [...]


Policy Evidence Assessment Report: Community Health Worker Policy Components

An assessment report by the CDC that is intended to inform about the strengths and limitations of evidence bases for individual components of chronic disease policy interventions. This particular report examines 14 CHW policy components, some of which are elements of successful CHW programs, so as t [...]

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