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Creating Meaningful Settings to Strengthen Family Involvement

Authors Tamara Bakewell, Ana M.D. Valdez, BranDee Trejo, Alison J. Martin

Date 2019

Project CoIIN to Advance Care for CMC

Keywords Family Leadership in Systems, Oregon

AMCHP 2019 presentation on creating meaningful settings to strengthen family involvement. – CMC CoIIN Team Oregon


What Role can Community Health Workers Play in Connecting Rural Women with Depression to the “de facto” Mental Health Care System?

Authors Snell-Rood, C., Feltner, F., Schoenberg, N.

Date 2018

Project No Project Affiliation

Keywords CHW models, Research and Evaluation Methods, Selected Health Conditions, US- based

A qualitative study from Community Mental Health Journal examining opportunities for CHWs to improve rural women’s access to mental health care. While rural women are more likely to struggle with depression, treatment options are limited. The authors interviewed CHWs to determine options for connecting women with services in rural areas.

What do Patients with Diabetes Think of Health Coaching?

Authors Burton, R.A., Thompson, M.

Date 2018

Project No Project Affiliation

Keywords Research and Evaluation Methods, Scope of Practice, Selected Health Conditions, Tools and Guides, US- based

A research report from the Urban Institute assessing a health coaching program for improving medication adherence, stress management, and nutrition among people with diabetes. Examines patients’ impressions of the lay health coaches as well as engagement with primary care and A1c levels.

Using Job Analysis Techniques to Understand Training Needs for Promotores de Salud

Authors Ospina, J.H., Langford, T.A., Henry, K.L.

Date 2018

Project No Project Affiliation

Keywords CHW models, Tools and Guides, Training and Supervision, US- based

Using the job analysis method, the authors examined the job tasks and worker attributes of community health workers to inform the development of a training program for CHWs. Shares the analysis methods as a template for other organizations launching similar programs.

Training Community Health Workers in Motivational Interviewing to Promote Cancer Screening

Authors Brandford, A., Adegboyega, A., Combs, B., Hatcher, J.

Date 2018

Project No Project Affiliation

Keywords CHW models, Selected Health Conditions, Training and Supervision, US- based

Analyzes the feasibility of training community health workers in motivational interviewing, an evidence-based tool, to promote cancer screening. Describes the development of a training protocol and accompanying fidelity protocols, as well as the implementation process.