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financing strategy


Race, ethnicity, language spoken at home, culture, number of functional difficulties, and socioeconomic factors affect access to health care and coverage for CYSHCN.


CAHPP presentations from Ryan White conference now available

From August 23 – 26, CAHPP staff and partners participated in the 2016 National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care & Treatment in Washington DC. Program recipients such as direct HIV care providers and others involved in HIV care and treatment came together to learn the latest advances in HIV c [...]


Health Care Transformation

The staff of the Catalyst Center has in-depth knowledge of the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was passed in 2010. The Supreme Court upheld challenges to the law in 2012 and 2015. Our team has produced a range of peer-reviewed articles, fact sheets, report [...]

financing strategy

Family Supports

Title V programs, Medicaid agencies, and Family Leader organizations have a variety of programs that help families raising CYSHCN understand health care financing.

financing strategy

Care Coordination

Care coordination helps ensure CYSHCN receive all needed services and avoids duplication. At its best, care coordination is a covered service.

financing strategy


TEFRA gives states the option to provide Medicaid coverage to children with severe disabilities who require an institutional level of care, regardless of family income.



The Minority AIDS Initiative Retention and Re-Engagement in HIV Care Project focused on providing better access to resources, housing, and proper care for racial/ethnic minority communities where HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to grow and the need for mental health and outpatient substance abuse treatm [...]


Project Implementation

Our team collaborates with a wide range of organizations to build and strengthen their structural capacity, operate more effective and efficient clinical programs, and improve health care access and service delivery. We have provided project implementation support to local health departments, commun [...]



This one-year HRSA-funded project aims to strengthen public health social work (PHSW) education at Boston University and nationally. PHSW is a sub-discipline within social work that draws on both social work and public health theories, frameworks, research and practice to promote health equity and m [...]

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