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Integrating Peers into HIV Care and Treatment

Peers living with HIV/AIDS play an essential role in engaging HIV-positive individuals in care and treatment. The unique nature of that role brings with it special considerations when integrating peers as part of the health care team. This Webcast helps participants learn to identify peer roles and [...]


Evaluating peer services in HIV care and treatment

Evaluators working in clinics and community-based organizations will discuss strategies and tools for monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating information about peer programs. The webcast included speakers from three programs: PEER Center, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston; MAPACT P [...]


Supervising peers who support clients in HIV care and treatment (Part 1)

This webcast is the first of a two-part seminar. It is designed as an introduction to approaches for supervising peers. It will describe three distinct areas of supervision which together can help peers to thrive in the workplace. It will include case examples consisting of issues that are common fo [...]


Peer Leader Manual

A peer leader training manual published by the International Diabetes Federation. Goal is to train peer leaders to provide on-going diabetes self-management support.


Alaska Community Health Aide Program

The Alaska Community Health Aide Program is a statewide organization formed to link Alaskan CHWs. It joins together a network of about 550 CHW working in over 170 rural villages of Alaska. These CHW all operate under the Alaska Community Health Aide/Practioner Manual. Its mission is to define CHWs a [...]

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