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Continuing Education for Peers: Disclosure

This webcast is the first of a two-part continuing education series for HIV positive peers and their supervisors. The Webcast includes speakers with extensive experience in training and supervising peers to work with clients around disclosure.


The Roles of Peers in HIV Care and Treatment

This webcast is intended for anyone interested in learning about the roles of peers in providing HIV care and treatment. Peers working in clinics and community-based organizations will discuss their work and activities with clients and HIV providers.


Supervising peers who support clients in HIV care and treatment (Part 2)

This webcast is the second of a two-part seminar (started in the Oct. 7 webcast) that will discuss supportive and clinical approaches for supervising peers in the workplace. Case examples will be discussed addressing issues such as managing peer-client relationships and transference/counter-transfer [...]


Housing Assistance Health Outcomes: Housing Program Types

Much of the research on how housing assistance impacts households examines only the presence or absence of housing assistance without taking into consideration the kind of assistance received. Hence the second question considers the differential effect of several types of housing assistance programs [...]

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