CMC CoIIN Webinar: Sustaining The Family Leader Role

Sustaining the Family Leader Role focuses on family partnership sustainability within the state teams, strides made thus far, remaining challenges, and possible paths forward. Sustaining family leader engagement in clinical settings and partnership with family-led organizations is about organizational partnerships at its core, and it requires teams to acquire additional financial resources.

Family Engagement in Pediatric Medical Home serving Children with Medical Complexity (CMC)

This poster discusses a primary care medical home’s efforts to improve family engagement, family well being, child quality of life, and a shared plan of care in CMC. The CoIIN family survey was administered by the clinic’s Family Work Group, led by our Family Liaison. This survey established a baseline for these metrics. The poster was originally presented at the AMCHP 2020 Conference.

Family Focus Group Guides

These guides, in English and Spanish, were developed by the CMC CoIIN Leadership Team for use by the state teams in conducting focus groups with parents and families. They include tips for facilitating the group, a script for starting the meeting, and questions about child quality of life and family wellbeing.

Shared Plan of Care User’s Guide

This document describes what a SPoC is, why it is important, and how to use it. The two files linked below have the same content with slightly different layouts.