Deciding Together Guide

This resource for families describes the steps of the Deciding Together process. The second page answers common questions about Deciding Together and prepares families for using the framework with the care team.

Deciding Together Guide Instructions

The Deciding Together Guide provides a clear, step-by-step team approach to facilitate dialogue between service coordinators and families using a family-centered, collaborative decision-making framework. This manual provides instructions for the team regarding how to facilitate each of the steps, factors to consider, and examples to help illustrate the steps.

Shared Plan of Care User’s Guide

This document describes what a SPoC is, why it is important, and how to use it. The two files linked below have the same content with slightly different layouts.

Example All About Me Document

This document shows a fictional example of an All About Me sheet, including the child’s likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, strengths, and goals.

Surgical Shared Plan of Care

This document is used to record important things to know at the pre-surgical appointment to improve care coordination.

Alabama Shared Plan of Care

Team Alabama’s SPoC document includes a ‘Get to Know Me’ section, medical history, and goal planning sheets.