CMC CoIIN Webinar: Sustaining The Family Leader Role

Sustaining the Family Leader Role focuses on family partnership sustainability within the state teams, strides made thus far, remaining challenges, and possible paths forward. Sustaining family leader engagement in clinical settings and partnership with family-led organizations is about organizational partnerships at its core, and it requires teams to acquire additional financial resources.

Team Kentucky Panel Discussion with Families ConverSketch

At Team Kentucky’s Family Panel Discussion, parents shared how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected them, the types of financial assistance they had applied for, and their biggest concerns. This graphic recording summarizes the conversation.

Family Focus Group Guides

These guides, in English and Spanish, were developed by the CMC CoIIN Leadership Team for use by the state teams in conducting focus groups with parents and families. They include tips for facilitating the group, a script for starting the meeting, and questions about child quality of life and family wellbeing.

The Parent Perspective Presentation

Presentation about the nonprofit agency Texas Parent to Parent and its services to multiple service coordinators in Texas that work at Managed Care Organizations across the state.

The Other Mothers

This article describes one health system’s attempt at introducing staff to the lived experience of parents of CMC, from the viewpoint of a parent of medically fragile child. She describes herself as one of many ‘uber’ parents, common in children’s hospitals. Originally published in the Pediatric Palliative Care and Hospice E-Journal.

Effective Family Partnership Tools to Drive Global and Local Improvements: Learnings from the CMC CoIIN

This poster, created for the AMCHP 2021 conference, details the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT) process with CoIIN teams, overall FESAT findings from 3 rounds of assessment spanning the pandemic, and initial state team local action plans for targeted improvement based on the FESAT. It also shows the iterative, family-led, collaborative process employed to develop the family focus group guide, and aggregate themed analysis of cross-team results, noting contrasting post-COVID themes.