Family Engagement in Pediatric Medical Home serving Children with Medical Complexity (CMC)

This poster discusses a primary care medical home’s efforts to improve family engagement, family well being, child quality of life, and a shared plan of care in CMC. The CoIIN family survey was administered by the clinic’s Family Work Group, led by our Family Liaison. This survey established a baseline for these metrics. The poster was originally presented at the AMCHP 2020 Conference.

The Parent Perspective Presentation

Presentation about the nonprofit agency Texas Parent to Parent and its services to multiple service coordinators in Texas that work at Managed Care Organizations across the state.

An Innovative Care Coordination Delegation Model to Strengthen the Medical Home and Improve Outcomes

This slide deck describes the unique delegation arrangement that Children’s Comprehensive Care shares with BCBS STAR Kids (Managed Care Organization) to deliver service assessment and service coordination by the RN case manager at the medical home. The delegation funds non-billable case management services and integrates the assessment and service coordination within the medical home. Originally presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting.

Texas HHSC approved Summary of Service Coordination

Children’s Comprehensive Care (CCC) summarizes the responsibilities of both the medical home (CCC) and the MCO (Managed Care Organization) for the delegation of service coordination tasks. Prior to the MCO committing to reimbursing the medical home for service coordination tasks, they wanted HHSC to approve the arrangement.