Community Health Workers Can Be a Public Health Force for Change in the United States: Three Actions for a New Paradigm

Authors Balcazar, H. , Rosenthal, E.L. , Brownstein, J.N. , Rush, C.H. , Matos, S.

Date 2012

Keywords CHW models, Research and Evaluation Methods, Scope of Practice, US- based

An article from the American Journal of Public Health. Attempts to further the vision of public health as a benefit to the community by encouraging three actions: (1) promote awareness and appreciation of the uniqueness of CHW and support their roles in bringing community perspectives and priorities into the process of improving health care systems, (2) promote the integration of CHW in the full range of health care delivery and population health programs, and (3) implement a national agenda for CHW evaluation research and develop comprehensive policies to enhance the sustainability of the CHW workforce, with CHW leadership in guiding policy recommendations.