Critical Elements for Financing the System of Care for CYSHCN: An Infographic Series

Authors Comeau, M. , Bachman, S. , Kantner Doherty, J.

Date 2019

Keywords CYSHCN, Financial Hardship, Financing, Health Benefits, Health Equity, Health Inequities, Maternal and Child Health, Medicaid Buy-In Programs, Medicaid/CHIP

The Catalyst Center has created an infographic series exploring key focus areas in the world of health care financing and coverage for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN). Each infographic offers a concise look at a complex issue from the perspective of CYSHCN, their families, payers and policymakers, and providers.

These one-pagers are a visually appealing and easy way to share information about the system of care for CYSHCN with stakeholders. Resources for further topic exploration are listed at the bottom of the infographic. Infographic topics include: Medicaid, pathways to Medicaid coverage, EPSDT, inequities in coverage and financing, family financial hardship, the importance of partnerships, family engagement, value-based purchasing, and care coordination.

Thanks to the following family leaders and Title V colleagues for reviewing this project and providing valuable feedback: Cara Coleman, Donene Feist, Janis Guerney, Rylin Rodgers, Nora Wells, Sandra Broughton, Elizabeth Collins, Elaine Gabovitch, Alison Martin, Shirley Payne, and Meredith Pyle.