Infographic: The Importance of Partnerships in Advancing Financing and Coverage

Authors Bachman, S. , Comeau, M. , Kantner, J.

Date 2018

Keywords CYSHCN, Financial Hardship, Health Reform, Maternal and Child Health

The Catalyst Center has created a one-page infographic illustrating the importance of partnerships in advancing financing and coverage for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN). This infographic provides a brief explanation of the power of partnerships and highlights examples of partnerships with important stakeholders.

This is one page in a series of infographics exploring key focus areas in the world of health care financing and coverage for CYSHCN.

These one-pagers are a visually appealing and easy way to share information about the system of care for CYSHCN with stakeholders. Resources for further information about leveraging partnerships for CYSHCN are listed at the bottom of the infographic.