Inadequate Preparation for Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare for Oregon Young Adults With Medical Complexity: Root Cause Analysis

Authors Alison J. Martin , Tamara Bakewell , BranDee Trejo , Ana Valdez , Sheryl Gallarde-Kim , Marilyn Berardinelli , Robert Nickel , Deborah Rumsey

Date 2019

Keywords Oregon, Unmet Need

Root Cause Analysis using CoIIN Environmental Scan findings.
The Oregon team created the following problem statement to focus its QI work: “Young adults with medical complexity (YAMC) and their families are not adequately prepared for, or supported in, the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare.” We used a fishbone diagram tool to guide a root cause analysis of our problem statement. A root cause analysis seeks to identify the primary reasons underlying a problem. The results of our analysis appear on page 1.