Spotlight: Power Job Club

Authors Silvia Moscariello , Bryce McKinzie , Julia Kantner Doherty

Date 2021

Keywords HIV/AIDS, Supportive Services

Employment and economic self-sufficiency play a key role in health. With the effectiveness of early antiretroviral treatment (ART), many people with HIV can (and do) participate in the country’s workforce. When community-based organizations, HIV/AIDS service organizations, and health care centers provide employment services to their clients, a thoughtful approach is required to address the potential barriers to employment on the individual, organizational, and structural levels. POWER (Pursuing Opportunities with Employment & Resources) is an innovative intervention developed in New Haven, CT, based on the job club model. It seeks to bridge the gap between barriers and employment through peer support and community partnerships to prepare participants for success. Learn how Liberty Community Services, Inc. successfully integrated employment into their existing services through the POWER intervention.