Strategies for Supporting Expanded Roles for Non-Clinicians on Primary Care Teams

Authors Witgert, K.E. , Kinsler, S. , Dolatshahi, J. , Hess, C.

Date 2014

Keywords Financing, Scope of Practice, Training and Supervision, US- based

A report from the National Academy for State Health Policy. Outlines strategies for, and provides examples of, Medicaid financing of non-clinician services in fee-for-service, managed care, medical home or health home, and accountable care organization settings. Describes different training curricula and methods to help non-clinicians develop new skills as part of a care team and describes the accompanying workflow redesign required for teams to function effectively. Suggests strategies for training non-clinicians to improve practice efficiency, manage patients’ specific health conditions, and work effectively in a patient-centered medical home.