Jorge Delva, MSW, PhD

Faculty Affiliate, BUSSW Dean Emeritus

Photograph of: Jorge Delva headshot


Professor Jorge Delva is Dean Emeritus of the Boston University School of Social Work (2018-2023) and former Director of CISWH (2019-2023).  His multi- and trans-disciplinary research seeks to reduce health disparities and improve the lives of low-income and racial and ethnic minority populations.  His scholarship has made substantial contributions to advancing our understanding of psychosocial-cultural mechanisms associated with substance-using behaviors among racial and ethnic minority populations in the United States and among populations globally.  He is an elected Fellow of the Society for Social Work Research and a past Editor-in-Chief of Social Work, the flagship publication of the National Association of Social Work.

Prior to BU, Dr. Delva was the Kristine A. Siefert Collegiate Professor of Social Work and director of the Communities Engagement Program of the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research at the University of Michigan.