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The Minority AIDS Initiative Retention and Re-Engagement in HIV Care Project focused on providing better access to resources, housing, and proper care for racial/ethnic minority communities where HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to grow and the need for mental health and outpatient substance abuse treatm [...]


CoIIN: Project Impact & Materials

At the end of four years, state teams will have improved outcomes for children with medically complex conditions, identified replicable care delivery and payment reforms, and developed methods to disseminate and spread them. Tools and resources will be available to share the learnings from the work [...]


Project Implementation

Our team collaborates with a wide range of organizations to build and strengthen their structural capacity, operate more effective and efficient clinical programs, and improve health care access and service delivery. We have provided project implementation support to local health departments, commun [...]



This one-year HRSA-funded project aims to strengthen public health social work (PHSW) education at Boston University and nationally. PHSW is a sub-discipline within social work that draws on both social work and public health theories, frameworks, research and practice to promote health equity and m [...]



CISWH designs innovative training programs, curricula, and other tools to provide crucial knowledge and skills related to HIV, oral health, Medicaid/CHIP coverage for children and youth with special health care needs, and other areas. Developed for online or offline use and in multiple languages, th [...]



A BREADTH OF EXPERTISE, A FOCUS ON PEOPLE Our capabilities include research, evaluation, technical assistance, training, project implementation, and policy analysis. We actively engage the populations we serve as partners in our work. We are on the front lines of practice, where we can make a real d [...]

financing strategy

Foster Care

Children and youth in foster care are an often overlooked subpopulation of CYSHCN with unmet health care needs.

financing strategy

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health programs are those services and supports that address the mental, behavioral, emotional, and substance use needs of CYSHCN.


Catalyst Center COVID-19 Resource Series

The public health emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has real implications for state Title V programs as well as families raising children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN). These fact sheets address a variety of relevant topics, such as Medicaid and CHIP programs and the [...]


Housing Assistance and Health Outcomes

Regarding the first question, one of the strategic goals of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is to “utilize HUD assistance to improve health outcomes.” Yet research on how federal low-income housing programs impact health outcomes is limited. No study has been done to d [...]

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