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CoIIN: Team Page

Our staff leads a multidisciplinary collaborative consisting of federal, state, and local leaders working together to tackle the problem of improving care delivery and payment models for CMC and their families. Ten interdisciplinary state teams, composed of Title V Maternal and Child Health Program [...]


CHW Central

CHW Central is an online community of practice that brings together program managers, experts, practitioners, researchers, and supporters of CHW programs. The website is a virtual meeting place to share resources and experiences and to discuss and develop questions and ideas on CHW programs and poli [...]


Community Health Workers Evidence-Based Models Toolbox

A report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Human Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy. A guide for rural communities of CHW models and strategies that have been proven to work. Topics include: overview of the role of CHW; description of various CHW [...]


MED-HEART: Client story videos from the initiative Building a Medical Home

Stories from the initiative Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV-Positive Homeless Populations The below videos were created by several of the demonstration sites who implemented a medical home model with a goal to reduce barriers to engagement and retention in HIV care among people wh [...]


Past Issues of Catalyst Center ePublications

Catalyst Center Monthly Update The Catalyst Center publishes a Monthly Update that highlights a policy brief, fact sheet, tutorial, research project, or other new Catalyst Center resource that focuses on improving health insurance and financing of care for children and youth with special health care [...]

financing strategy

Transition Services

Transition services are the services and supports that help youth with special health care needs move from pediatric to adult systems of care.

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