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Boston Globe: Prof. Wilkinson Says Hospital’s Expansion Plans Are Bad for Health Care

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Access to quality health care is a social determinant of health. In this letter-to-the-editor, CISWH Leadership Core Director and BUSSW Prof. Geoffrey Wilkinson warns against Mass General Brigham’s continued expansion into affluent suburbs, which could have a negative impact on health equity and underserved communities.

Excerpt from “Pounding Footsteps You Hear Belong to Mass General Brigham” by Prof. Wilkinson, originally published on The Boston Globe: 

“I’m reminded of pharmaceutical company ads designed to drive consumer demand for products with questionable value as compared with effective, less expensive drugs. In MGB’s case, we should have a voice-over warning about all of the potentially dangerous side effects that may occur if the DPH accedes to the health care giant’s demands: ‘These projects may raise your health insurance rates, gut the state’s cost-containment goals, and imperil existing health providers. Don’t take this product if you have concerns about racial health disparities, property tax exemptions for rich corporations, or equitable distribution of health resources.'”

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