Fall 2021 Events

Friday, October 08, 2021

Access and Anti-Racism in Opioid Treatment: What Cities Need Now


Co-sponsored by BU Initiative on Cities

October 13, 2021

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In many communities across the country, opioid overdose deaths have continued to rise and new research shows overdose mortality rates are rising dramatically faster among Blacks than whites in multiple states, and now exceed that of whites in Ohio. How can cities address systemic barriers to opioid treatment? Which barriers endure and for whom?

Featuring: Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, Ohio; Drew Carpenter, Recovery Support Navigator/Substance Use Counselor, Complex Care Program, Bay Cove Human Services; Miriam Komaromy, Medical Director, Grayken Center for Addiction, Boston Medical Center; David L. Rosenbloom, BU School of Public Health; and Christina Lee (moderator), Research Core Director at CISWH, Associate Professor, BU School of Social Work.


Breaking the Mold: Innovative Models to Achieve Health Equity 


November 10, 2021

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A global approach to health equity requires the use of innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial approaches to increase access to healthcare and economic wellbeing for those most in need. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, we need to focus on economic disparities of health worldwide in order to achieve a global economic recovery. Social work and global health play a key role in supporting this economic rebuilding through research, practice, and policy development focused on community engagement. Social work models of engagement can both cultivate interest and build collective resources that directly address inequities in community health. This event will share examples of innovative global models that address both economic and health disparities utilizing the valuable engagement tools of social work. 

Featuring: A.K. Nandakumar (GRS’93,’94), Professor, Director of the Institute for Global Health and Development, Academic Director of the Global Studies Program, Heller School for Social Policy & Management at Brandeis University; Margaret Lombe, Associate Professor and Director of the BRIDGE Program, BU School of Social Work; and Luz Marilis López, Clinical Professor and Director of the MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program, BU School of Social Work.


Social Work, Health Equity and Civic Health Engagement


CISWH Health Equity Speaker Series

Co-sponsored by Vot-ER

December 8, 2021

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In the U.S. national healthcare policies have not been reflective of our changing population and elected leadership and policy continue to lack real diversity. To address this, social work and healthcare professionals have joined forces to promote the importance of civic health engagement through voter registration – deemed a social determinant of health. Encouraging and engaging individuals to get involved and make their voices heard in the decision-making behind healthcare policies will lead to healthier communities nationwide. If we are to help create health equity for all, we also need to galvanize social workers and healthcare professionals to explore how they can impact healthcare policy. This event is a forum to help us achieve that goal.

Featuring: Alister Martin, Founder of Vot-ER, White House Fellow (2021-2022); Justin D. Hodge, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work; Kathryn Audette, Director of Government Affairs at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Lecturer at BU School of Social Work; and Eleanor Zambrano, Executive Director of CISWH.




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