Reflections: The Category of Us

Debbi Simmons Harris tells the story of the presentation on racism and The Category of Us. This commentary was originally published in the Complex Care Journal.

Family Focus Group Infographics

These infographics, aimed at providers, illustrate the five themes discovered through focus group interviews with families with CMC. The themes are types of support needed, the care team, improve care coordination, focus on the whole family, and care accessibility.

Inadequate Preparation for Transition from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare for Oregon Young Adults With Medical Complexity: Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis using CoIIN Environmental Scan findings.
The Oregon team created the following problem statement to focus its QI work: “Young adults with medical complexity (YAMC) and their families are not adequately prepared for, or supported in, the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare.” We used a fishbone diagram tool to guide a root cause analysis of our problem statement. A root cause analysis seeks to identify the primary reasons underlying a problem. The results of our analysis appear on page 1.