Center staff developed Kaleidoscope of Care, a cross-disciplinary training curriculum to increase knowledge and awareness of the relationship between HIV infection and substance use. The training curriculum is designed for HIV medical and substance abuse treatment providers as a Training of Trainers (TOT), with the goal of enhancing their ability to provide interdisciplinary care to their common clients, HIV-infected substance users. The curriculum is available in both English and Spanish and consists of four main modules:

  • Strategies for Engagement and Retention in Care
  • Incorporating Harm Reduction Into our Work
  • Health Promotion and Adherence
  • Interdisciplinary Care

Project Impact

Eighty physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, outreach workers, counselors and substance abuse treatment providers from six regions of the country and Puerto Rico participated in a Train the Trainer program. During the spring and summer of 2003, each of the six regional teams that participated in the national training program convened in Puerto Rico and replicated portions of the training curriculum to an audience of local providers involved in the care of HIV-infected substance users. The Spanish version of the curriculum was also pilot tested and received positive feedback and evaluation . Participants were enthusiastic about applying the content and training techniques they learned with their local communities in the following months. We participated in the local training replications as evaluators. A second national Training of Trainers was convened in 2005 using the revised curriculum, and a second round of replication trainings occurred 2006-2007.

Project Team Members

  • Serena Rajabiun
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health at University of Massachusetts, Lowell; Affiliated Faculty and Principal Investigator