Peer Re-Engagement Project: PREParing Peers for Success Peer Core Competency Training Curriculum for engaging out-of-care or newly diagnosed people living with HIV in care and treatment

Authors Ablavsky, E. , Cabral, H. , Downes, A. , Fox, J. , Lam, K. , Makuch, M. , Negron, C. , Phillips, S. , Rajabiun, S. , Ruiz, J. , Sarango, M.

Date 2014

Keywords HIV/AIDS, Tools and Guides, Training and Supervision, US- based

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This five-day curriculum provides training materials and instructions train HIV-positive peers to support patients with care and treatment in your community. It was developed as part of the Peer Re-Engagement Project (PREP) evaluating a program that brings HIV-positive peers into the HIV care team to support patients who have fallen out of care or who are newly diagnosed with HIV and at risk of falling out of care.

For an additional toolkit which experienced trainers can use to develop a training program, the following toolkit from the PEER Center project provides a range of modules: Building Blocks to Peer Success: A toolkit for training HIV-positive peers to engage PLWHA