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Ryan White 2016 Conference Homeless Institute

Authors Staff from CAHPP, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, and HIV provider sites nationwide

Date 2016

Project Med-HEART

Keywords HIV/AIDS, Homelessness, Medical Home

The CAHPP staff, together with partner Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and HIV provider demonstration sites nationwide, presented the work of the initiative Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed HIV Homeless Populations. The team presented an institute consisting of three 90-minute workshops at the 2016 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Conference.

Building a Medical Home for Multiply Diagnosed Homeless HIV+ Populations: The Role of Patient Navigators

Authors Sarango, M.

Date 2014

Project Med-HEART

Keywords Behavioral health, HIV/AIDS, Homelessness, Medical Home

At the May 2014 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference in New Orleans, several staff members from grantees associated with the Med-HEART project presented this workshop on the role of the patient navigator in medical home models for individuals living with HIV who are homeless and face mental health and substance use challenges.