The Public Health Social Work MSW/MPH Program Fellowship in Global Health is sponsored by the Boston University Center for Innovation in Social Work & Health (CISWH) and the Boston University MSW/MPH program. Under the direction of Betty J. Ruth, Clinical Professor and Director of the MSW/MPH Program, and Madi Wachman, Assistant Director of CISWH, the fellowship, which began in 2013, has provided a learning community for students interested in the role of social work in global health.

Since its inception, nine MSW/MPH students have worked together to investigate specific questions such as: What is the role of social work in global health? What challenges, opportunities, and obstacles exist for social workers—particularly those trained in public health—in this area of practice? What gaps in knowledge can the new Center help address in order to move social work in global health forward?

The deliverables from these working groups include a presentation to APHA, a literature review on social work’s role in global health, and a summary of recommendations from key informant interviews to inform the Center’s commitment to enhancing social work’s role in the larger arena of global health.

Project Team Members

  • Betty J. Ruth
  • Clinical Professor, MSW/MPH Program Director at Boston University School of Social Work