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Our staff leads a multidisciplinary collaborative consisting of federal, state, and local leaders working together to tackle the problem of improving care delivery and payment models for CMC and their families. Ten interdisciplinary state teams, composed of Title V Maternal and Child Health Program and Medicaid leaders, family leaders, providers, and other stakeholders, each led distinct four-year quality improvement projects aimed at health care delivery. These state teams worked within the CoIIN to develop, implement, and test new and innovative care delivery strategies and/or payment models for CMC. Presently, state team work is focused on dissemination, spread, and sustainability of their projects.

Our staff, together with staff from the BU Department of Economics and the BU School of Public Health, will conduct a rigorous program of evaluation to monitor activities and make adjustments as necessary to improve efficiency and success of the state teams. Success in realizing project goals will be measured by the achievement over four years of the following objectives for each state team’s cohort of 150-300 CMC:

• Increase the number of cohort-enrolled CMC with a medical home and a shared plan of care

• Increase the number of families of cohort-enrolled CMC who report being engaged on the individual clinical level

• Increase the number of families of cohort-enrolled CMC who report previously unmet needs are being met

• A quarter of the state teams will have piloted an innovative payment model .


  • Christopher Louis, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Public Health, Department of Health Law, Policy and Management


Rishi Agrawal Michelle Crawford James Perrin
Jay Berry Alisha Keehn Rylin Rodgers
Eyal Cohen Dennis Kuo Edward Schor
Steve Fitton Jaqueline Kueser Christopher Stille
Eileen Forlenza Jennifer Lail Renee Turchi
Amy Houtrow Shirley Payne Rita Mangione-Smith
Marlene Miller Sally Bachman  



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