Project Team

Our staff leads a multidisciplinary collaborative consisting of federal, state, and local leaders working together to improve linkage and retention in HIV care. The ten project sites selected to implement a Community Health Worker program into their medical care model receive guidance from experts in an array of relevant fields. Technical assistance, training, and coaching is provided by nationally respected collaborative partners.

Team Members


CISWH has assembled a multi-organizational team for implementation and evaluation for this initiative. The team includes staff from BU Medical School’s Center for Implementation and Improvement Sciences (CIIS), BU School of Social Work, the Activist Lab at the BU School of Public Health, Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) Community Capacitation Center (CCC), MCHD HIV Health Services Center (HHSC), University of Texas School of Public Health (UT Health), the Center for Social Innovation/T3, and Impact Marketing and Communications.