Past Issues of Catalyst Center ePublications

Catalyst Center Monthly Update

The Catalyst Center publishes a Monthly Update that highlights a policy brief, fact sheet, tutorial, research project, or other new Catalyst Center resource that focuses on improving health insurance and financing of care for children and youth with special health care needs. This concise, engaging epublication is delivered to your Inbox once each month. Here are the Catalyst Center Monthly Updates that have gone out to date:

  • March 2023
    Health Homes, Medicaid and CHIP Tutorial, & More! 
  • December 2022
    Catalyst Center 2022 Year in Review 
  • November 2022
    The Medicaid Transportation Benefit, Continuous Coverage, & More!
  • September 2022
    Medical Necessity Webinar Series, PHE Update, & More!
  • July 2022
    Annual Survey, Summer Reading List, & More!
  • June 2022 
    Care Coordination, Medicaid 101 Recording, & More!
  • May 2022 
    State Data Chartbook, Medicaid 101 Webinar, & More!
  • April 2022 
    School-based Health Services, the Unwinding of the PHE, & More!
  • February 2022 
    The Maintenance of Effort Requirement, Child Tax Credit, & More!
  • December 2021 
    Catalyst Center 2021 Year in Review 
  • November 2021 
    Health Equity, Home-and Community-Based Services, & More!
  • September 2021 
    Managed Care, Child Tax Credit & More!
  • August 2021
    Child Tax Credit, Annual Survey, & More!
  • June 2021
    Medical Necessity, Telehealth Policy, & More!
  • April 2021
    State Data Chartbook, Caregiver Summit & More!
  • March 2021
    Health Homes, Special Enrollment Period, & More!
  • February 2021
    Special Enrollment Period, Community Resources, & More!
  • December 2020
    Catalyst Center 2020 Year in Review
  • November 2020
    MCHB Blueprint, Care Coordination Standards, & More!
  • September/October 2020
    New Issue Brief, Updated State Data Chartbook & More!
  • August 2020
    Catalyst Center Annual Survey, Transition Resources & More!
  • June 2020
    COVID-19 Resources, Emergency Preparedness, & More
  • Catalyst Center COVID-19 Newsletter, June 2020
    COVID-19 Resources from the Catalyst Center
  • April/May 2020
    COVID-19 Resources & Telehealth
  • March 2020
    COVID-19 & Care Coordination
  • February 2020
    Transition Resources, Care Coordination Workshop, & More!
  • January 2020
    Financing Medical Homes, CMS RFI, & More!
  • December 2019
    Key Resources From 2019, A Brief History of Medicaid & More!
  • November 2019
    A Cornucopia of Data Resources!
  • Special Update: New Chartbook Data
    Data related to CYSHCN, all in one place. 
  • October 2019
    TA Spotlight, Telehealth, & More!
  • September 2019
    Resources for Families, Medicaid and CYSHCN Webinar & More!
  • August 2019
    Financing Glossary, Care Coordination Curriculum, & More!
  • June 2019
    Home Health Care Analysis, Data Sharing Summit, & More!
  • May 2019
    State-Specific TA, Medicaid Webinar, Leveraging CHIP & More!
  • April 2019
    Mental Health Briefings, Home and Community Based Services & More!
  • March 2019
    Updates from AMCHP 2019, InCK info & More!
  • February 2019
    New Infographics, AMCHP 2019 & More!
  • January 2019
    A Year in Review: Advancing Care for Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • December 2018
    Partnerships Infographic, Tips for Engaging Families & More!
  • November 2018
    Value-Based Purchasing Infographic, Family Partnership Webinar & More!
  • October 2018
    Care Coordination Infographic, Family Surveys & More!
  • September 2018
    Inequities Infographic, Behavioral Health Homes Factsheet & More!
  • August 2018
    New Infographic, Model of Care Delivery Q&A & More!
  • July 2018
    New Infographic, EPSDT Reports, and more!
  • June 2018
    New funding announcement, Medical Home resources, and more!
  • May 2018
    Medicaid Buy-in Paper, CYSHCN National Research Network, and more!
  • April 2018
    Q&A: complexity tiering, webinars, AMCHP resource library, and more!
  • March 2018
    Risk-tiering webinar, Medicaid/CHIP issue briefs, and more!
  • February 2018
    Catalyst at AMCHP, CMC webinar, and more!
  • January 2018
    Most Popular Catalyst Center Resources of 2017
  • December 2017
    VBP webinar, Medicaid quality measurement, and improving systems of care for CSHCN
  • November 2017
    Medical foods chart, a webinar with the AAP, and AMCHP’s interactive website for the National Standards for Systems of Care for CYSHCN
  • October 2017
    Chartbook update, family resource page update, and more
  • September 2017
    Medicaid Tutorial update, NS-CH data, and more
  • August 2017
    Webinar recording: Title V & Medicaid Medical Home partnerships, Impt of Medicaid, CoIIN for CMC, and more
  • July 2017
    VBP/VBID primer; A year in the life of the Catalyst Center, updated SOC Standards for CYSHCN
  • June 2017
    New policy brief for advancing NPM #15, Slides & recording for Innovative Financing Strategies for CYSHCN webinar 
  • May 2017 
    New & updated financing strategies for CYSHCN on Catalyst Center website, Breaking the Link webinar slides 
  • April 2017 
    Updated edition of Breaking the Link & Webinar announcement 
  • February 2017 
    Your state’s TEFRA option, AMCHP workshop: partnerships to increase coverage equity for CYSHCN, more
  • January 2017 
    Interactive Title V & Medicaid/CHIP Worksheets, AMCHP conference workshop, more
  • January 2017 
    Most Popular Catalyst Center Resources of 2016
  • December 2016 
    Updated Medical Foods Chart, AAP Children with Medical Complexity webinar
  • October 2016 
    Care Planning for CSHCN webinar, plus Help direct families to needed services 
  • September 2016 
    Health care financing strategies for CYSHCN: New links enhance learning
  • August 2016 
    Latest data to make the case for kids with special health care needs, plus “summer reading” favorites
  • July 2016 
    Inequities webinar recording; Care coordination webinar announcement
  • June 2016
    New EPSDT module added to our Medicaid/CHIP 101 Tutorial; registration open for the June 20 Inequities webinar
  • May 2016
    Concerned about health coverage inequities among CSHCN in your state? New tutorial & webinar can help
  • April 2016
    The Catalyst Center updated our Medicaid/CHIP 101 Tutorial and added a detailed section about the TEFRA/Katie Beckett Option
  • March 2016
    Learn about an innovative partnership in Arizona (AZ) that helps families determine which Marketplace health plans best meet the needs of their children with special health care needs (CSHCN)
  • February 2016
    In response to technical assistance requests for easy-to-understand definitions of the terms used to describe alternative payment strategies, we created a glossary for Title V staff, family leaders, and others who want to be in the know 
  •  January 2016
    As part of the Catalyst Center’s Structured Interview project, we shared an example of a partnership in North Dakota that helps ensure Native American children have access to adequate health insurance coverage
  • December 2015
    Our holiday gift to our stakeholders was data – in the form of updates to the Catalyst Center State-at-a-Glance Chartbook
  • November 2015
    The Care Coordination Conundrum and Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • October 2015
    Title V, Medicaid, family leader staff share insights on state financing strategies for CSHCN
  • September 2015
    Emerging Trends in Payment Reform, Family Perspectives Project info
  • August 2015
    The ACA and Value-Based Purchasing–What’s at stake for kids with medical complexity? Inequities in Insurance Coverage and Financing of Care among Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN): Family Perspectives–we need your help!
  • July 2015
    Changing the way we deliver news to you: peer-reviewed article on Louisiana FOA Medicaid Buy-in program family survey results, webinar on Navigating the ACA- provisions relevant to families of children with special health care needs, Medicaid at 50