KY Journey Map Illustration

Team Kentucky’s journey map illustrated by ConverSketch

Lead Organization

Kentucky Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs (Title V)

Family/Youth Engagement Partners

Kentucky Family-to-Family Health Information Center (KYF2F)

Clinical Site

Kentucky Children’s Hospital/UK HealthCare

University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics 

Project Aims

  • Creating a comprehensive, multidisciplinary aero-digestive clinic;
  • Improving and facilitating care of CMC, especially in rural areas, by utilizing teleconferencing technology for patient centered care planning services;
  • Improving the care and quality of life for children on home ventilators and their families by working with Medicaid and other agencies to improve the system of care; and, 
  • Creating a comprehensive clinic for young children recently discharged from the NICU, with medical complexity.

Project Description

The Kentucky CoIIN state team is working to improve service delivery systems for CMC by enhancing communication between families, primary care, and subspecialty providers and developing a comprehensive care clinic for young children recently discharged from the NICU. These goals are being accomplished through the creation of Virtual Care Team Conferences (VCTC), which improves access to multi-disciplinary provider teams for families across the state. To date, the Kentucky team has been working toward expanding involvement in their VCTC initiative by collaborating with families to finalize marketing materials for this new program.

Focus Area(s)

  • Family engagement
  • Care coordination
  • Improved access to care for CMC living in rural communities, including telemedicine
  • Alternative payment methods