WI Journey Map Illustration

Team Wisconsin’s journey map illustrated by ConverSketch

Lead Organization

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Family/Youth Engagement Partner

Family Voices of Wisconsin

Clinical Site

Children’s Hospital of WI

UW/American Family Children’s Hospital

Project Aims

  • Using a shared plan of care
  • Developing and using an Anticipatory Guidance Tool (AGT)

Project Description

Team Wisconsin has representatives from two complex care programs, Family Voices of Wisconsin, WI Department of Health Title V and Bureau of Children’s Services, and parents working together to improve care coordination for CMC and their families. The team used several tools including info sheets and new workflows to reduce unmet needs by increasing CMC enrollment in the Children’s Long Term Support waiver program. Team Wisconsin is working to improve the value of the shared plan of care for families by focusing on helping them create meaningful goals. They are using “Goal Cards” to spark ideas and discussion within the family and with the care team.

Focus Area(s)

  • Family engagement
  • Care coordination
  • Alternative payment methods